Computer System Optimisation & Cleanup Services

Max IT Support provides a complete computer performance maintenance and repair service both at our workshop and on-site at your home or business. Whether your machine is getting a bit old and slow, or maybe you suspect a computer virus, we can get you back up and running again in no time. Even just a simple computer clean-up can help your system to run faster and more efficiently.

Over time your system gets clogged with files and downloads, your hard drive get fragmented after writing and deleting files over and over again. All of this will eventually lead to your system getting slower and slower to use. The solution is easy: Max IT Support can perform a routine system cleanup that will clean out the rubbish, reorganise your files to make your hard drive work faster and you’ll soon get your machine working quickly and efficiently, just like when you first bought it!

       System Performance & Cleanup Services will increase your PC or Laptop loading and reading time creating  a smooth and fast work experience.             



Desktop and Notebook Computer Repairs

Sometimes things go wrong. Luckily Max IT Support is here to help. We can diagnose and either repair or replace faulty components in desktops, notebooks and netbook computers. We have a vast range of available spare parts and we can also recommend an upgrade to a part if it requires replacement—such as a larger capacity hard drive or faster video card. That way not only is your machine working again, but it’s actually been improved to work better!

Complete PC Troubleshooting

Maybe you have no idea what’s wrong with your computer… or maybe everything is going wrong with your PC or Laptop. Don’t fret, Max IT Support provides a complete PC troubleshooting service to get rid of any niggles or malfunctions that might be lurking inside your computer causing the whole system to be sluggish or unresponsive. From detecting faulty hardware to performing full clean installs of operating systems, we’ll get you back on track and enjoying your computer again.