Video Editing Services

Video editing Services

We understand that not everyone has interest in video or picture restoration, editing or simple time consuming procedures that delay editing  your videos or pictures. Max IT Support will take any project no matter if it’s only one photo or a ten second video clip to edit.

MaxITsupport transforms your raw footage into an elegant, professional production with high quality video editing software. We are also here to enhance your finished video if required.

Our video editing services offer a cost-effective means of achieving a professional production from your existing footage. MaxITsupport can trim, arrange and compile your personal video footage to your exact requirements.

It doesn’t matter if you shoot video from a professional video camera, GoPro, Sony Action Camera, a drone, or even a mobile phone. We can handle your footage.

We also include high-quality titles, animation, graphics, transitions and music to give your video a truly professional look.

  • Creative editing using the latest video editing tools
  • Opening titles and animated sequences
  • Audio synchronising
  • Motion graphics and visual transitions and enhancing effects
Video Presentation Samples

Photo Restoration Services


Max IT support can restore old photos that are damaged by time and conditions. We can renew photos, fix tears, creases and remove or add people if required. We also provide color enhancement and effects implementation – you name it, we do it.

Just upload your old faded or damaged images to Google Drive or send them asan attachment in an email and let us do the magic.

Light  changes or repairs               from $15 

Medium                                                from $49

Major*                                                              $80 maximum 

Before                                    After

video editing servicesvideo editing services