Max IT Support Remote Assistance Cairns

MAX IT SUPPORT provides clients with Remote Assistance and its as easy as a phone call away. Internet has changed the way people interact and do business with each other and it has also changed the way we manage our computers and networks. Max IT remote support services allows remote log in to make necessary software or firmware updates, changes to configurations or settings and anything else that you might need.

Many common IT issues can be often resolved within minutes instead of hours. Our clients are frequently surprised when they watch a mouse zip across their screens while a MAX IT SUPPORT Tech resolves the issue while speaking to the client on the phone, Skype or any other popular  social application.

Benefits of MAX IT SUPPORT Remote Assistance.

Let’s face it, IT is a very competitive business and this makes it imperative that the client see the VALUE in the relationship with their IT vendor. MAX IT SUPPORT strives to provide value at every turn by becoming that trusted adviser and earning that seat at the table when you are struggling with a computer problem or slow performance and even when you need that tech to figure out why your printer stopped working.

  • Save time by getting “it” fixed with just a phone or one of many popular social media application call
  • Saves money as you are not charged for an onsite service call

Free, secure and easy to use remote client called Team Viewer is a preferred application to connect with clients.

If you need to download remote client please click link below and create account.

If you are existing Team-Viewer user, please make sure you are running the latest version.

To connect, the client needs to provide TM ID Number and password for us to be able start assistance.


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