virus and malware removal

Virus and Malware Removal

Virus and malware removal can be very stressful and time consuming procedure.

There are many viruses and malware that infect our computers every day. Unfortunately, this is a worsening problem with no 100% assurance to stay unaffected. Each type of virus has a different method of “attack” or “infection”,  with a different purpose intended. Potential loss of data is the worst what can happen to anyone.

These days, computer viruses are becoming more and more prevalent. For this reason, it’s important to protect your computer or network from the threat of destructive viruses. And that’s precisely where we, Max IT Support, can help.

Even the most savvy computer users run the risk of falling victim to viruses. Don’t take chances with your expensive equipment or important data. Instead, trust our team to install the antivirus protection you need to keep your machine and files safe. Whether you run a business or simply want to safeguard your personal information, we’ll be happy to implement an antivirus solution that’s right for you.

Is your computer already infected with a Virus or Malware, we will do our best to help. Taking care of infections early is important to prevent file corruption and data loss.

Potential Signs Your Machine Might be Infected

  • Your computer performance might be uneven – sometimes fine, sometimes slow.
  • Are people in your address book responding to email messages you did not send?
  • Are you having trouble printing or do you keep getting strange, threatening pop-up messages?

Max IT Support will  get your computer running and perform all the listed tasks to ensure your machine is fast and clean like it should be.

  • Virus & Malware Removal Services
  • Spyware & Adware Removal
  • Virus & Worm Removal
  • Trojans Removal
  • Registry Cleanup for Faster Boot-up Times
  • Clear Out Excess Temporary Files from Internet Surfing
  • Update Windows with the latest Security patches
  • Update Your Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Firewall and other security programs